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Who We Are

I have been where you are now.

I started RemoveIt to improve upon my experience with tattoo removal and fading. I was unsure of what laser to choose and the price to pay.

The fear of the unknown made me make choices that did not benefit me in the long run. I vowed not to let others make the same mistakes while providing more than any other clinic.

Remove It looks at tattoo removal and fading with a holistic lens to ensure the best results.

We are a veteran run small business and I bring my 12+ years of nursing experience to each and every encounter.  Let us help you achieve your goals.  Multiple payment options and discounts available.  We look forward to serving you. 


Why We're Different

RemoveIt prides itself in a personalized approach to tattoo removal.


We Listen

Remove It takes the time to get to know you, address questions, provide education, give options, and promote total health as a part of the tattoo removal and fading process.

We understand that each person’s tattoo removal and fading journey is different.


We Educate You On The Technology & Expectations

Tattoo removal is a science, but each client is as different as the ink they wear on their skin.

Education and a clear understanding of the process, side effects, and pre and post-care are vital to set expectations for the desired final result.


We Provide Pre & Post-Care Products and Advice

RemoveIt provides multiple pain mitigation and pre and post-care options that work for each client to make the removal and fading process as smooth as possible.


More Than Tattoo Removal

Your overall health is as important as the type of laser.

Remove It is a community and a lifestyle. Diet, immune system support, skin care before and after treatment, and hydration play a vital role in your journey.

Our People

RemoveIt is veteran owned & deeply committed to the tattoo community.

RemoveIt is owned and operated by a licensed registered nurse with more than a decade of patient care and healthcare leadership experience.

Our medical director is board-certified with over a decade of experience treating a full range of skin issues, including tattoo removal.

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