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Ouch!: The Reality of Laser Tattoo Removal and Managing Pain

“Justin – what does laser tattoo removal feel like, and how bad does it hurt?” – This is one of the most common questions I receive from new clients.

Laser tattoo removal involves using high-intensity light beams to break down tattoo ink, allowing the body’s immune system to remove the ink over time. Unfortunately, the sensation experienced during these sessions can vary significantly, with some likening it to the sensation of hot oil splattering against the skin or the snapping of rubber bands on the surface.

The severity of this pain depends on multiple factors, including the size, color, color saturation, and location of the tattoo, as well as individual pain tolerance. Additionally, the laser used for removal emits quick pulses of energy that may cause a sharp, stinging sensation, making it a potentially uncomfortable experience for many.

Fortunately, RemoveIt has the equipment needed to provide you with the best experience during your removal process.

Types of pain reduction methods:

Ice Packs.
  • Not just any ice pack, but medical grade, ColPac ice packs that maintain their cool for a long time.  These are applied to the skin up front to quickly numb the skin and reduce pain and swelling.
Numbing Cream with Lidocaine.
  • Topical numbing creams or gels containing lidocaine or similar ingredients are typically applied to the tattooed area 30-45 minutes before the procedure, numbing the skin and reducing the intensity of sensations felt during the laser treatment
Cold air blower – Zimmer Cryo
  • These devices work by cooling the skin before, during, and after the laser treatment, effectively dulling nerve endings and reducing the perception of pain. The Zimmer Cryo, for instance, blows -30F chilled air onto the treatment area, providing a continuous cooling effect that helps alleviate discomfort.

Combining these techniques can improve the experience of laser tattoo.  RemoveIt Laser Tattoo Removal and Aesthetics deploys them all when appropriate. Applying a numbing cream before the procedure and utilizing cooling devices during the session can create a tolerable or pain free experience for our clients.

Additionally, post-treatment care, such as keeping the treated area clean, applying recommended ointments, and avoiding direct sunlight, plays a crucial role in ensuring proper healing pain control

Consulting with the qualified nurses and laser tattoo removal specialists here at RemoveIt is key to understanding the specifics of the procedure. We provide personalized guidance on pain management techniques and advise on aftercare practices to ensure a smoother recovery process.

While laser tattoo removal may involve some degree of discomfort, various methods, such as topical numbing creams and cooling devices like the Zimmer Cryo and cold packs, can help alleviate pain and improve the overall experience. Choosing RemoveIt Laser Tattoo Removal and Aesthetics for your tattoo removal needs can make the journey towards tattoo removal a more manageable and less painful process.

Justin, RN - Owner RemoveIt
Justin, RN - Owner RemoveIt

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